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10 Best Mini Dishwashers of July 2024


Bestseller No. 1
COMFEE' Portable Mini Dishwasher Countertop with 5L Built-in Water Tank for Apartments& RVs, No Hookup Needed, 6 Programs, 360° Dual Spray, 162℉ High-Temp& Air-Dry Function
Bestseller No. 2
COMFEE' Portable Dishwasher Countertop with 5L Built-in Water Tank, No Hookup Needed, 6 Programs, 360° Dual Spray, 192℉ High-Temp& Air-Dry Function, Mini Dishwasher for RVs, White
SaleBestseller No. 3 −21%
EUHOMY Mini Dishwasher Countertop Portable Compact Dishwashers with 5 L Built-in Water Tank for Apartments& RVs,6 Programs,No Hookup Needed
Bestseller No. 4
COMFEE’ Countertop Dishwasher, Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 6 Place Settings & 8 Washing Programs, Speed, Baby-Care, ECO& Glass, Dish Washer for Dorm, RV& Apartment, Black
Bestseller No. 5
Portable Countertop Dishwashers, 5 Washing Programs Mini Dishwashers with 5 L Built-in Water Tank and Double-layered Glass Door, No Hookup Needed for Home, Apartments & RVs
Bestseller No. 6
Portable Countertop Dishwasher, Compact Mini Dishwasher with 3 Washing Programs 75°C Hot Air Drying Sink Dishwasher for Apartments
SaleBestseller No. 7 −12%
NOVETE Portable Countertop Dishwashers, Compact Dishwashers with 5 L Built-in Water Tank & Inlet Hose, 5 Washing Programs, Baby Care, Air-Dry Function and LED Light for Small Apartments
Bestseller No. 8
Portable Washing Machine, Mini Ultrasonic Washing Machine 3 in 1 Dishwashers Ultrasonic Waves Suitable for Home, Business, Travel, College Room, RV, Apartment (3.5IN)
Bestseller No. 9
Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher, 5 Washing Programs Portable Dishwasher With 5-Liter Built-in Water Tank, No Hookup Needed
Bestseller No. 10
Joy Pebble Countertop Dishwasher, 28 Pieces Dishes/Cycle, 6 Washing Programs&Hot Drying, Dish Washer with 360°Dual Spray, with Child Lock&Delayed Start, Portable Dishwasher for Apartment/RV/Dorm


If your kitchen is low on space but you still dream of ditching hand washing for good, a mini dishwasher could be your saving grace. These compact appliances are designed to fit into small spaces while still offering enough room to clean a load of dishes. Below are some key considerations to make while shopping for the perfect mini dishwasher.

1. Type of Mini Dishwasher
There are different types of mini dishwashers such as countertop, portable, and built-in models. Countertop units sit on your counter, while portable models can be stored away when not in use. Built-in mini dishwashers are installed into a dedicated space, usually under the counter.

2. Size and Dimensions
Since the key selling point is its compact size, measure the space you have available to make sure the mini dishwasher will fit. The average width is around 18 inches, but some models are even smaller.

3. Capacity
Capacity is usually measured by the number of place settings the dishwasher can handle. Most mini dishwashers can clean up to six place settings at a time, but some models offer more or less. Choose based on your household’s needs.

4. Wash Cycles
While you might not get as many wash cycle options as with a full-size dishwasher, look for essential cycles like normal, heavy, and quick wash to accommodate different types of loads.

5. Energy Efficiency
Since one of the goals is to save on utility bills, look for an Energy Star-certified mini dishwasher. These models are designed to use less water and electricity.

6. Noise Level
If your kitchen is close to your living area or bedrooms, the noise level can be a crucial factor. Look for a dishwasher with a noise level below 50 decibels for quieter operation.

7. Installation and Portability
If you opt for a portable or countertop mini dishwasher, make sure it’s easy to connect to your kitchen faucet and that it has a built-in water pump for efficient drainage.

8. Special Features
Some mini dishwashers come equipped with advanced features like delayed start, sanitation settings, or specialized wash zones. While not crucial, these features can make your dishwashing experience more convenient.

9. Warranty
As with any appliance, the length and terms of the warranty can give you an idea of its expected longevity and performance. Look for at least a one-year warranty for peace of mind.

10. Price
Mini dishwashers are generally more affordable than their full-size counterparts, but prices can still vary significantly. Set a budget and try to find a model that offers the best value for your money.

With a mini dishwasher, you can enjoy the convenience of automated dishwashing without sacrificing much-needed kitchen space. Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll be able to choose a model that fits your lifestyle perfectly.